Melissa Burns

Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals

Favorite Bands/Artists: 80's "hair bands"

Favorite Songs: Anything that can make me cry

Favorite TV Shows: "General Hospital", "House Hunters", Discovery channel's "Shark Week"

Favorite Movies: Titanic

Favorite Actor/Actress: Michelle Pfieffer, Tom Hanks

Favorite Food: Mexican, Pizza, or Thanksgiving dinner

Last book read: hmmm..."Serve Safe" Health Dept. Requirement for Restaurant Management!

Hobbies: Singing, boating, anything on the water, cleaning/ kids!

Musical Influences: Back in the late 70's /early 80's, my dream was to BE Olivia Newton- John!?!?

About Me: I'm a nurturer to a fault. Im usally shy..unless I'm a blossoming "wineflower" ;)

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