Gary Dycio

Drums, Cajon, Kabasa, Cowbell, Block, Tabletops, Dashboards, etc.;
Vocals in the shower stall only!

Favorite Bands/Artists: Motown; Stax/Volt; British Invasion; Big Band.

Favorite Songs: Too many to list!

Favorite TV Shows: All In The Family; Married With Children;
Everybody Loves Raymond; King of Queens; The Office.
(I'm a very serious kind of guy as you can tell!)

Favorite Movies: The Old Man and The Sea (1958); The Birds (1963);
Jaws (1975); The Deer Hunter (1978); Dirty Harry Series (1971 - 1988);
The Gladiator (2000).

Favorite Actor/Actress:
Clint Eastwood / Can't think of a comparable "Dirty Mary".

Favorite Food:
Anything Edible!

Last book read:
"Good Cop, Bad Verdict" -- Larry Nevers

Vintage drums; "treasure hunting" at estate sales; totally
useless trivia; college & pro sports; reading (non-fiction); and, locating new
and exciting "monkey cards" (never an easy task!) to send on very special
occasions to my closest friends.

Musical Influences:
See "Favorite Bands/Artists" above.

About Me:
Definitely "Old School"!

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