Robert L. Montgomery

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Favorite Bands/Artists: Several

Favorite Songs: Again, several

Favorite TV Shows: Justified and others

Favorite Movies: Magnificent Seven, Silverado, Rio Bravo, Casablanca, Maltese Falcon and many more....

Favorite Actor/Actress: None in particular

Favorite Food: Italian

Last book read: Lone Survivor by Marcus Latrell

Hobbies: Shooting sports, photography, music.

Musical Influences: Primarily blues related artists, ie: Albert Collins, Albert King, B. B. King, SRV, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, etal

About Me: Retired Commercial Pilot turned Commercial/Industrial/Editorial

Photographer. Involved with music, off and on, since the late 50s.

One of the founding members of The Rhythm Roosters and a Chick.

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